Renewable energy Status

In May 2011, Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources called for investors to submit expressions of interest (EOIs) for installing 1,800 MWs of renewable energy plants. Interested parties had until June 30 2011 to deliver proposals for renewable energy projects.

In the Master Strategy of the Energy Sector in Jordan for the period (2007-2020), the Jordanian government set a target to obtain 1,800 MWs, or 10 per cent of the country’s energy supply, from renewable sources by 2020.

Of this, about 1,200 MWs will come from wind energy, 600 megawatts from solar power, and between 30 and 50 MWs from waste-to-energy facilities, according to the Energy Strategy.

The Energy Mix in Jordan (2010-2020)

Solar and Wind Energy in Jordan

Wind speed reaching between 7.5 to 11.5 m/s in some places.

Wind projects are now feasible and competitive without further concessional support.

High solar radiation figures of 5 – 7 kWh/m2 per day with about 300 sunny days per year.

Jordan future Renewable Energy source is Solar Energy.

Regulatory framework

• The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law was passed as a permanent Law in April 2012.

• This law, the first in the region, allows investors to identify and develop grid-connected electricity production projects through the so called unsolicited or direct proposal submission.

• the Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund is established, which aims to channel financial resources to that end.

• Net- Metering for small RE Systems (Roof Tops) with Fixed Purchase Prices for Excess Power.

• Tax Incentive regime, a By-Law was issued on Tax exemptions for RE and EE systems and Equipment.

• Grid Expansion and Reinforcement Plans are on-going.

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